Hey guys! Febuary 14th On February 14th I’ve had one of the most important Photoshoots in my Life: Shiva.

I haven’t had Personal Photo Projects for a while. For getting started in 2016 I wanted to Shoot something really special. What I always wanted to Shoot was a group photo with a lot of styled people.  How I came up with this Idea? I don’t know but I must have been thinking of India.

To picture a goddess you need to have a really strong looking person who embodies the power of a sacred spirit. My thoughts said Reggy- She’s a Fashion Designer and lives in my hometown at the moment. I’ve seen her a few times in the City and automatically thought of her for the sacred Shiva Shoot.

Picturing an exact photo in your mind you want to transform it the same way so I needed a lot of people standing around Shiva – and who could be better than posing, standing still for a long time and acting at the same time?! Ballett girls 🙂 I went to Ballett class when I was young so I called my Ballett teacher to get some girls for the shoot. Fortunately so many girls wanted to join in!



The black podium with the black flowers I went right after the slogan: Do it yourself!

Low Budget: For getting the girls painted I asked my friends to help me. And I think we did a great job-what do you think?


To get the moody atmosphere I turned up the fog machine. Without the fog the photos wouldn’t be the same. They look like they were shot in a humid cave.





Shot with the Nikon D800

Lightsetup: Lights by Broncolor Siros 400s; Frontlight deep Octa 100 by Elinchrom, Backlight Spot, and side softboxes 50 slightly from behind at the left & right side.

Thanks to my Team! – It was so much fun working with you!


Behind the scenes clips by Dominik Wörner & Guseart

BTS cut by Yannick Wörner

Face paints by Annabella Blaich and Chiara Festini

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