Growing up in a photographer family is like to hit the Jackpot. My father runs his own Foto Studio in a small town called Albstadt in southern Germany. My whole Life was influenced by my Dads Photography so I couldn’t think of a better thing as to become a professional Photographer aswell.

I quite school with 16 to start Photography School and finished successfully at the age of 19. Ever since I was unstoppable.

Currently I run the Photo Business Full-time with my Dad. The Focus is people. Portrait, Wedding, Lifestyle and Advertise.
Besides the Family Business I’m starting my own Photo Projects and  traveling as much as I can.
My Dad is originally from Croatia and this is where it gets interesting: My Artist Name: Bartolka is a belittlement of my Lastname: Bartolec. Everybody in in Croatian town where my grandma lives calls me like that.
Always traveling from Germany to Croatia and backwards from a young age made me curious for cultures and countries. That’s probably the reason why I’ve always wanted to travel as many countries as I can – And that’s what I did the last few years.

Favourite Places: India, USA, Canada, Chile, Spain, France, Australia and Croatia

Own Camera Equipment:  Nikon D3s mit Lens 24-70mm f2,8
Business Equipment I love to work with: Nikon D800, Nikon D4, Lens: 70-200mm f2,8
Light Equipment: Broncolor Siros 400s, Deep Octa 100


Why pink?

My first bigger journey 2011, 21 years old, navigated me to India. With my Friend from Australia I danced through many holy Festivals which are celebrated almost every week by the Indians. Luckily they dropped a whole bag of pink color powder and not a blue one all over me while we were dancing. Every girl who dies her hair blonde knows that rich color powder is perfectly UN-outwashable of blonde hair. After a few hair washes and still having pink hair I totally fell ind Love with the idea to stay like that! Pink and fresh!



Hopefully you like my Photographs. If you have any questions just send a text to: contact@bartolka.pink.
I’m always happy to see comments on my Posts!